Assembly of transformers

Although Fatsur performs all types of switchgear assembly, undoubtedly, the one that occupies a predominant role is the assembly of power transformers, for the entire range of voltages and without power limit.

We carry out these works, either in old transformers, on behalf of the property (Electric Power Distribution Companies, refineries, factories, etc.), in which case a complete revision is made, and if applicable, they are replaced together, adapted or changed the wiring, is painted and left in perfect working conditions, or in new transformers, commissioned by the manufacturer of the machine, for which, we are trained and approved by them, to exercise the functions of supervision of the assembly process . We carry out this supervision work both for our own and others’ assemblies and we develop them both nationally and internationally (Algeria, Morocco, Qatar, Dubai, etc.)

Oil treatment

Winding drying

In power transformers, with mineral oil as a dielectric, it can sometimes happen that the internal solid insulators (paper, wood, cardboard, etc.) absorb excess moisture, as a product of different internal Reactions of the machine, or by simple absorption of the exterior.

In these cases a filtering is not enough to eliminate the accumulated humidity, being necessary to carry out a drying of windings and solid isolations, by means of a procedure that guarantees the total absence of humidity at the end of it.

Regeneration per percolation system
When the oil of a transformer, due to the passage of time and the service conditions, loses its physical-chemical characteristics, it is necessary to undertake the recovery of them, using a treatment of regenerated by activated lands, with what is achieved:

• Decrease the dissipation factor
• Decrease the neutralization index
• Improve the interfacial tension
• Improve the value of the delta tangent
• Recover dielectric properties

Filtered, dehydrated and degassed

In the interior of a power transformer, certain reactions can occur that give rise to the appearance of gases, dissolved particles or moisture. This can cause a loss of internal insulation that could lead to major breakdowns.

When this circumstance is detected in the preventive analyzes of the oil, which must be carried out annually, besides trying to find out the cause of the same and trying to solve it, it is necessary to undertake a filtering treatment of the oil, in order to return the initial characteristics.

Dismantling of transformers

As happens in the assembly, Fatsur is a company able to perform any type of dismantling of switchgear, occupying a predominant role, the disassembly of power transformers.

In certain circumstances, it is necessary to disassemble the transformers to be replaced or to be transported. Fatsur has great experience in this field, knowing thoroughly all types of flanges to seal the transformer, as well as the ideal way to make the packaging for transport.

Integral maintenance of transformers

In any electrical installation of A.T., the transformer is the heart of it, so a good predictive / preventive maintenance, will guarantee an increase in its useful life.

Within the integral maintenance, we can highlight the repair of leaks, replacement and / or repair of any transformer component, replacement of deteriorated auxiliary wiring, sampling of oil for analysis, etc.

Likewise, we can manage the supply of all types of transformer components and accessories, such as bushing terminals, protections, buchholz relays, jansem relays, fan motors, silicagel, etc.

Washing and painting of transformers

The power transformer is an electric machine with a long life, as long as it is kept in good condition. One of the most common problems that can occur is its oxidation and corrosion. To avoid this degradation of the material, it is necessary to perform a vigorous cleaning and subsequent painting using quality materials.

Transformers movement

Fatsur manages and supervises the loading, transport and unloading of transformers from the substation of origin to the destination or warehouse, according to need.

Storage of accessories

We have approximately 5,000 m² of surface in closed and covered premises, for the storage of all types of switchgear, cabinets and transformer accessories.

Polymer coating

Among the maintenance tasks, it is worth highlighting the innovative performance that our company performs on the insulating elements of the substations, which consists in the thorough cleaning of the same with a procedure