FATSUR has more than 10 years of experience in the assembly and electromechanical maintenance of electrical substations, with a highly qualified team that offers technical and integral solutions.

Throughout these years we have successfully developed several national and international projects, of which some are currently under execution and for clients, among others, such as Grupo Abengoa, Hyunday Heavy Industries, Iberdrola … and in projects such as:
ITER project, Thermonuclear experimental plant (Manosque, France). Assembly of electrical substation (400 KV, 7 streets) and 7 power transformers (between 350 and 75 MVA), plus 66 and 22 KV substations.

220/45/20 Kv electrical substation. from Retamar, Madrid. Electromechanical actuation for the replacement of 20 switch positions of 45 Kv. including modification of control wiring, protections, communications, etc.

220 Kv electrical substation. in Stawola-Wola, Poland. Electromechanical assembly of 220 Kv electrical substation, 4 streets.


Solar Plant Substation Helios I and II 220 KV CiudadReal.
Helioenergy I and II 220 KV Solar Plant Substation SanlúcarLa Mayor, Seville.
Solar Plant Substation Solabén I, II, III and VI 220 KVCáceres.
Solar Plant Substation Solacor I and IICórdoba.
Solnova I, III and IV Sanlúcar LaMayor Solar Plant Substation, Seville.
220 KV electrical substation Cerrato, Palencia.
220 KV Bobadilla electrical substation, Antequera.
220 KV Pavilion electric substation, Córdoba.
66 KV tram electrical substation of Jaén.
Power Transformer Replacement, adaptation of terminal bottles of A.T. modification of busbars and boxes, wiring of force and control and electrical tests in Riba Roja del Ebro Substation, Endesa.
Gis Hyundai in Fargue 220 KV Substation, propertyREE, Granada.
Gis Hyundai in 66 KV Rematacaudales Substation, Cádiz.
Atlantic Copper Plant Substation, Huelva.
Sierra Sur Oils Factory Substation, Pinos Puentes, Granada.
Sabic Plant Substation, Cartagena.
Andalusian Gas Plant Substation, Seville.