FATSUR maintains its commitment against climate change and in favor of sustainable development, establishing as its main reference value its respect for the environment.

The implementation and certification of the Environmental Management System and our responsibility to contribute to the reduction of emissions contribute to all this, materialized through the Policies that ensure compliance with environmental requirements, increasingly demanding of our customers and stakeholders.

FATSUR SERVICIOS INTEGRALES S.L. It is a company that was born in the year 2000 focused on the treatment of oil from power transformers, evolving then to predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance, as well as to the assembly of transformers, to the cleaning and polymeric coating of porcelain insulators, and to the assembly of electrical switchgear in substations, incorporating in its last tasks the transporter-manager of toxic and dangerous waste.

Our POLICY is part of the integrated management system of quality, safety and health at work and environment, and is the commitment to respect and apply, giving example, of the following values:

./ To satisfy the needs and expectations of the clients through feasible solutions, through the
compliance with your requirements.

./ The continuous improvement of the efficiency of the integrated management system, including the latest technologies. A) Yes
as the continuous improvement of our environmental performance and of Health and Safety at work.

./ Achieve the maximum quality projected towards the client in our services.

./ Incorporate within its business strategy the definition and publication of a policy that includes its
principles of action.

./ Ensure the commitment to protect and prevent damage and deterioration of health, as well as the
environmental pollution

./ We declare that all our activities will be carried out within the commitment to comply with the
legislation and other requirements that the company subscribes voluntarily in matters of safety and health in
work and environment.

./ It will promote in the process of its activity the reduction, reuse and recycling of materials and the reduction
of the consumption of natural resources.

./ Adopt the precautionary principle when identifying negative environmental impacts.

./ Commit to using the best available techniques to avoid or remedy emergency situations
during its activity in the facilities of third parties.

./ Will establish quantifiable goals and objectives, aimed at preventing, controlling and minimizing the impact
environment and the risks of its activity.

./ It shall have the appropriate mechanisms and means for the development, revision and fulfillment of this
policy and the integrated Management System and is committed to maintaining it, directing its
efforts to seek a greater degree of environmental compatibility and health protection of
our workers, in the realization of our productive processes.

./ Work with suppliers and collaborating companies to improve their environmental performances and
the security conditions in their activities.

./ Demonstrate that safety and health is everyone’s responsibility, so that all executives,
employees, security managers and contractors know their responsibilities and have the training
and experience to assume them.

./ It will reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a cost-effective manner, and
in this way, to mitigate climate change.

./ Carry out actions that reduce C02 emissions, reducing the impacts generated and
Committing to low carbon societies, improving competitiveness and employment growth.

To achieve an adequate compliance with the Policy stated, the Management is committed to its communication
and periodic review as well as to comply with and enforce the requirements of the Integrated Management System of the
Quality, safety and health at work and the Environment.


The Fatsur Environmental Management System is certified under ISO 14001. The system focuses on the following fundamental parameters:

Extend the environmental awareness of the organization to achieve the practical implementation of environmental principles in Fatsur projects.
Ensure that both the organization and the suppliers of Fatsur apply the environmental requirements established by the company, including the legal aspects and those of the clients, guaranteeing that they work in a manner that respects the environment.
Promote and lead the adoption of standards, norms and good environmental practices as a tool for the improvement of sustainability.