The dielectric oil in power transformers performs two main functions:
Serve as an insulator to withstand the high voltage that is generated internally.
Serve as a heat sink element generated by the windings and transformer core.
It is of great importance in the predictive and corrective maintenance to maintain the PHYSICAL-CHEMICAL characteristics of the dielectric oil.
Depending on the deficiency of the oil, the Physical-Chemical characteristics can be improved by performing the most appropriate treatment according to the need and condition of each transformer, thus extending its useful life.

FATSUR has more than 10 treatment plants and treatment equipment with an oil regeneration plant to cover the entire range, types and brands of Transformers, adapting to the needs of our Clients and their facilities.
This equipment capacity, together with our versatility and experience, allows us to respond immediately and guarantee any action demanded by Our Clients.

Our equipment allows interventions in transformers that require a flow from 2000 to 20,000 l / h, with a vacuum capacity of 200 to 2,000 m3 / h and a filtration unit less than or equal to 1 micron, which together with our experience in drying solid insulation “in situ” and our own laboratory, as well as agreements with accredited laboratories, supports us to carry out interventions and integral actions in any type of Power Transformers.

Filtered, dehydrated and degassed.
Passive sulfur corrosive.
Regeneration by percolation.
Drying solid insulation.
Emptying and filling of transformers under vacuum.
Elimination of dissolved particles by microfiltration.